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Oneness of the World

Reflections on Spiritual Life with Meher Baba

A Work in Progress by Craig Ruff

Craig Ruff is a poet and writer who has lived in Ahmednagar, India, and worked at the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Office since 1978.

In his first book, Traveling Music, Craig presented a collection of poems that create an atmosphere of intimacy of love for God as the Beloved.

His second book, The Moment Within, provides a straightforward expression of spiritual thought and inspiration for daily life.

Craig has published three other books:

Oneness In the World, Part I
Oneness In The World, Part II
Oneness In The World, Part III
Oneness In The World, Part IV
Oneness In The World, Part V

Readers can receive free copies of Oneness In The World and In His Trust when visiting India.

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