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Bhau Kalchuri

Directly or indirectly, each human being is connected with the whole world through a chain of sanskaras. Unless this chain of sanskaric links is broken into pieces, one cannot become completely detached from the world. Every human being is connected by sanskaras with relatives, friends and associates; and all the relatives, friends and associates are connected by sanskaras with so many others.

In this way, as one finds the end of the chain, one finds himself connected by sanskaras to all the people in the whole world. Every human being is directly connected with his relatives, friends and associate by direct sanskaric links; and every man and woman is indirectly connected with all the other people in the world by indirect sanskaric links. Directly or indirectly, every person is somehow or in some way connected with every other person.

The New Life is the way to break (one's self) free from the binding of sanskaras. When an individual becomes free from all his sanskaras, God-Realized, he not only enjoys Eternal Freedom, but, simultaneously, all the people connected with him receive direct or indirect benefit from his liberation.

This benefit to everyone is because when all of the individuals's sanskaras are wiped out, simultaneously, all the connecting sanskaric links with all others, in him, are also broken automatically, when he becomes God-Conscious.

Thus, when one individual attain God-Realization the whole world is always benefited directly or indirectly. Therefore, to lead a dedicated life in love and service to God for the sake of realizing God is the best and highest form of selfless service to humanity. This is because the individual who becomes God-Realized serves humanity in the best and purest possible way. The individual does not even know that he is serving the whole world, as he strives to become one with God — through the annihilating of his sanskaras.

To become free from all sanskaric bindings is the aim of life and is especially the aim of Meher Baba's New Life. One who lives the New Life helps others in breaking the sanskaric chain, and this help to others is really the purest form of selfless service to the world. If an individual helps others financially or materially, his help cannot make these people free from their sanskaric bindings.

However, if an individual strives to love God wholeheartedly and lives only for God, he also burns up the sanskaras of those who are connected with him. Since the whole world is connected to that individual, directly or indirectly, while he burns up his sanskaras out of love, he is achieving the purest expression of selfless service to the world, because he is actually helping everyone in the whole world through his own self-annihilation.

This burning in love is the way Meher Baba's New Life is lived.


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