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Bhau Kalchuri

"You were keeping watch near Me, and at night, ghosts would come. Because you remained awake, these ghosts were not able to reach Me. After I dropped My body, they started coming to you. When you joined the Trust and were putting everything in proper shape, you had to contact so many government officials. They would harass you like anything. At that time, you were considering sending a ghost after the officials, so that the officials might feel scared and do your work for you.

"Whether it was proper for you to think in such a way?

"I know everything that you were thinking at the time, and I was watching you. You were also praying that the superstructure above the Tomb be constructed overnight. All the new buildings should be constructed around Meherabad. Roads should be constructed in just one night. You were praying to Me for some power.

"What a fool you are!

"Is it difficult for Me to do anything?

"I could have made Meherabad a paradise in a moment. Big buildings, all over, with all facilities. Water in every building, and clean water at that. All this and more I could have done in a moment. Electricity would not come from some government department but would have been arranged in such a way that nobody could understand how the power was generated. Beautiful gardens all over. People would have come from around the world to witness this miracle, which I could have done in a moment. But they would have come to see all this display, not for Me.

"When people come for Me, I prepare them. I work for them internally. I create longing in them for Me. That is lasting and takes people towards the Path of Truth.

"I want My lovers to build Meherabad. They have been doing this, and there is beauty, because they cooperate in building Meherabad in different ways.

"I chose Meherabad, a place where there was no water. It was lying barren. The lands were hilly, and no one liked being there. But I chose this place, and just see what a change has happened!

"And why this change?

"Because of My lovers. They are building Meherabad. I work for them, and they work for Me. They work for Me externally, and I work for them internally. Only then, because of love, is beauty there to see Me.

"I always provide the opportunity for My lovers to serve Me, and this is the opportunity for them provided by Me. The fortunate ones serve Me willingly, joyfully and without any hesitation. Realizing this fact, they silently serve Me, and I feel pleased.

"I also create situations that make it very, very difficult for honest and sincere persons who work for Me. But since they work in order to please Me, they do not lose heart. They face all these situations lovingly, sincerely and honestly."


AWAKENINGS, pp. 133-134
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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