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The Man-God is comparable to a banyan tree. The banyan tree grows huge and mighty, giving shade and shelter to travelers and protecting them from sun, rain, and storm. In the fullness of its growth, its descending rooting branches strike deep into the fallow ground below to create, in due time, another full-grown banyan tree.

It too becomes equally huge and mighty — giving shade and shelter to travelers and protecting them from sun, rain, and storm — and has the same potential power to create similar full-grown banyan trees.

The same is true of the Man-God, who arouses the Godhood latent in others. Thus the continued succession of the Perfect Masters on earth is a perpetual blessing to mankind, helping it onward in its struggle through darkness.

The God-Man (Avatar), however, may be said to be both the Lord and servant of the universe at one and the same time. As the One who showers His spiritual bounty on all in measureless abundance, He is the Lord of the universe. As the One who continuously bears the burden of all and helps them through numberless spiritual difficulties, He is the servant of the universe.

Just as He is Lord and servant in one, the God-Man is also the supreme Lover and the matchless Beloved. The love He gives or receives goes to free the soul from ignorance. In giving love He gives it to Himself in other forms; in receiving love He receives what has been awakened through His own grace, which is continuously showered on all without distinction.

The grace of the God-Man is like the rain, which falls equally on all lands irrespective of whether they are barren or fertile; but it fructifies only in the lands that have been rendered fertile through arduous and patient toiling.


DISCOURSES, 7th ed, pp. 286-287
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