The Kalyan Tapes

*About "Kalyan"*

The story of "Kalyan" is in these songs. He's lived three lives with Beloved Meher. Twelve-year units, divinely parsed.

His life began in 1969, at the moment the Avatar released His form. That life carried on for 12 years long, till abruptly lifegave way to death, and another Kalyan-in-waiting was born, from the Beloved's life-renewing breath.

Twelve years more in preparation for just one moment of real surrender, shared with "another" -- linked eternally now. And like the boy in "Mercy's" tale, this Kalyan too has shed his skin.

So now is Kalyan fully born. Yet he lives only in Your Imagination, with which You write bold mystery tales, and stories of lovers like allegories.

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