The Dharmshala and Hospital are vacated

The Combined Diary

Baba extends the existing rules and orders to place the whole mandali on equal footing with regard to food, clothes and work,
folios #379-382, October 22-25, 1926.

   By evening the Dharmashala and the Hospital had been vacated except for a few bed-ridden patients. Boys departed for their homes singly and in two groups that were taken to Pune and Nasik for delivery to their parents. Due to rapid changes in the colony's population, there was a surplus of rice and dal at lunch and too little bread at dinner. Baba participated in the cricket match in the evening and ata-pata in the night; both games were lively.

   In the morning Baba lectured the mandali on the theme of "Mind." The work of vacating the premises and other activities in connection with the "Upheaval" continued all day, followed by a cricket match in the evening and ata-pata at night.

   Sunday morning began with the usual "bug killing" and sun bath for the mandali's belongings, a game of ata-pata, and two hours of Puran reading by Mr. Angal. A meeting was called to investigate missing fruit salt; Baba threatened a 15 day fast if the guilty party didn't come forward. The issue ended with Adi being asked to get a new bottle.

   Although Baba was hurt by a ball from Chanji during the evening cricket match, he participated in ata-pata at night. Neither team was able to reach the goal; at 10 o'clock Baba offered a basket of jelebis as a prize to the winner of a game on the following morning. Future assignments of duties for the mandali were discussed and some were assigned.

   The morning's ata-pata game with Baba as umpire proved an even match and the basket of jelebis was divided equally and enjoyed with tea. The issue of mandali assignments was taken up and Baba completed the assignments. He extended the existing rules and orders to place the whole mandali on equal footing with regard to food, clothes and work.

   The empty Hospital premises were washed and cleaned in order that studies could go on there while the school was dismantled. Following the evening cricket match, Baba and a selection of mandali went to Kaka's for dinner. The day ended with ata-pata and a tea party.

Part 85: The Combined Diary

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