Baba declares he will prolong his silence up to February.

The Combined Diary

Baba brings his bedding down the hill and begins sleeping on the platform in Sai Darbar,
folios #283-287, June 24-July 1, 1926.

   A weekly routine of the mandali polishing the dirt floor of their quarters with a cow-dung slurry was begun. That evening, Baba made each of the mandali sing again.

   The next day, Baba had a shave for the first time since beginning his hill seclusion in early May. During this period, he continued his daily routine of grinding grain, with the additional task of washing the clothes of five of the schoolboys.

   Though Baba had often been discoursing to the mandali, he remarked that from the 1st of July he would 'stop explaining the Divine and Spiritual subjects.' He also stated that he would 'give God-realization to eleven out of whom ten will be brought down immediately.'

   The mandali thought then that Baba would speak again when he ended his hill seclusion on July 1st, but he 'declared that he would prolong his silence up to February.' After giving more fine explanations about experiencing bliss, Baba brought his bedding down the hill and began sleeping on the platform in Sai Darbar.

Part 61: The Combined Diary

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