A separate wing in the hospital is dedicated to eye care.

The Combined Diary

The celebration of Upasni Maharaj's 56th birthday starts with the feeding of 3000-4000 people,
folios #266-270, May 23-30, 1926.

   At a village on the way to Rahuri with 14 of the men (to attend a wedding), Baba had Arjun beg door to door for food. Though he was unsuccessful, they were given something from one poor man and one rich man for their supper.

   A Moslem man posing as a spiritual authority came to Meherabad to try to barter a deal with Baba to get a discount on car repairs at Adi/Rustom's father's garage. After Baba reprimanded the hypocrite, he lectured the mandali and the garage manager about the dangers of such people.

   At a meeting the next evening, due to an epidemic of eye infection amongst two schoolboys, a decision was made to establish a separate wing in the hospital dedicated to eye care.

   The schools were closed for 3 days to celebrate Upasni Maharaj's 56th birthday. The first day started with the public feeding of 3000-4000 people. After the Puranic lecture in the afternoon, the enthusiastic crowd enjoyed the birth ceremony and a procession up and down the hill.

   Due to the holidays, the boys were allowed to sleep in late the next morning - till 6:30 a.m. The main feature of those next two days was the late afternoon-evening sports programme.

   The main feature of the last day was a competition of music and elocution.

Part 57: The Combined Diary

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