Celebration of the Zoroastrian New Year.

The Combined Diary

Dr. Ghani distributes prizes to the boys who did well in the annual exams,
folios #235-237, March 21-24, 1926.

   All regular duties at Meherabad were suspended to celebrate the Zoroastrian New Year, Jamshed-E-Navroz. A few photographs were taken after the arti in Sai Darbar. To help them digest the special pulao lunch, Baba made some of the men compact the grounds of the new extensions for the school. The main feature of the day was Piaroo Qawal's performance in the afternoon.

   The celebrations continued the next day with dhansak for lunch, the special Parsi dal that Masaji again prepared. Piaroo Qawal sang in the afternoon and evening which was greatly appreciated by Baba and the mandali who could understand the Urdu language. The day ended with the bhajan singing by a group that used to perform for Baba at Manzil-e-meem.

   Piaroo performed again on the morning of the 3rd day. The school was reopened and Baba directed Dr. Ghani to distribute prizes to the boys who did well in the annual exams. Before departing in the evening, Piaroo and his tabla player were presented with silk handkerchiefs by Baba.

   A new school committee had been organized; the majority of the members being elected from amongst the boys themselves. They and the Circle committee had meeting that week.

Part 50: The Combined Diary

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