News of the sudden death of Baba's brother, Jamshed.

The Combined Diary

The mandali who attend the funeral report that Jamshed "breathed his last with the holy and loving name of Meher Baba!"
folios #225-229, February 26-27, 1926.

   At a special afternoon meeting, Baba warned all the mandali to avoid napping during the day.

   At noon the next day, Baba had all the mandali gather to receive the news of the sudden death of his brother, Jamshed. Though the mandali were shocked, Baba was absolutely unaffected, and the subsequent exchange gave Baba the opportunity to demonstrate real understanding of the whole affair through knowing experience. "And in the vein of the occasional explanations and discourses upon divine subjects,...Shri dwelt at length on 'Death and the Hue and Cry After it.'"

   When the mandali who were ordered to attend the funeral returned to Meherabad that night, they reported in detail the circumstances of Jamshed's passing. "The remarkable point that they related was that he breathed his last with the holy and loving name of Meher Baba!"

Part 49: The Combined Diary

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