Baba tolerates another ceremonial bath by hundreds of people.

The Combined Diary

He informs the mandali about plans to explain the spiritual path - the planes of consciousness - to the general public,
folios #158-161, October 28 - November 5, 1925.

   At an evening meeting Baba informed the mandali about his plans to explain the spiritual path - the planes of consciousness - to the general public; something that had never been done before. Busy writing the 'Future Book', Baba was also seen moving about Meherabad during the nights.

   By Baba's permission, a local gardener opened a flower stall by the roadside at Meherabad to supply the crowds. When a boy tried to trick Baba with astrological questions, he got a lecture on 'the dangers of trying to tamper with spiritual personalities.' At tea that day Baba explained how the Sadguru eliminates sanskaras.

   On another Hindu holiday Baba again tolerated another ceremonial bath by hundreds of people, but this time asked them 'not to repeat the bathing affair again and again.' He began to suffer with cough and cold for days after this.

   Some wealthy visitors were greatly impressed with the Meherabad institutions and offered financial help, but Baba politely refused.

   Since the increase of hospital beds was encroaching on the girls' school in the old mandali hall, the girls' school was moved to Arangaon. 'Residential readjustments were also made,' which proved to be a common experience in life at Meherabad through the years.

Part 33: The Combined Diary

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