Baba works with Arangaon Harijans who feasted on a dead bullock.

The Combined Diary

Baba declares he will fast until further notice and begins spending nights in the Table House,
folios #147-149, October 5-11, 1925.

Baba and the mandali spent a day attending tea and music parties in Arangaon.

   After village Harijans had feasted on a dead bullock, Baba dismissed the untouchable boys from the school, until he was assured that their families had remained faithful to their oath. Baba went to Arangaon and personally wrote down the names of those who had indulged, prompting them to come to Meherabad to seek his forgiveness.

   During a meeting with residents, Baba informed them that he would not be able to play with them as freely as he had been, and warned everyone not to come near the Table House where he would be spending more time.

   Baba and the mandali spent much of one day attending to the affairs and activities of the people of Arangaon including the anniversary dinner of Buaji Bua's Samadhi. Returning to Meherabad, Baba chewed pan again after many months. That evening, he declared that he would be fasting until further notice, and began spending the nights in the Table House.

Part 30: The Combined Diary

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