Baba takes his 'new seat' in the Table House under the neem tree.

The Combined Diary

Baba and the mandali enjoy tea and treats at Kaka Shahane's,
folios #141-146, September 28-October 4, 1925.

   In a splendid mood, Baba gave nicknames to several of the mandali. After fulfilling his usual daily duties, Baba called a special meeting of the mandali to vote on how to spend the 50 rupee gift given by Rustom in honor of the birth of his second son (Falu). The next day they all enjoyed tea and treats at Kaka Shahane's, though the music for the party was not as good. Baba controlled himself from beating an emotional Mohammedan hypocrite there, and then had to personally suffer the consequences. The evening game of choice during this period was atya-patya.

   One day Baba warned Arjun that unless the flaws of the general management of the school were corrected he would stop coming there. During a meeting that afternoon, Baba and all discussed the possibility of closing down the institutions at Meherabad. After Baba retired that evening, the 'general superintendent' took the liberty of distributing some leftover ladoos, which would prove to add fuel to the fire the next day. It would take every man and boy at Meherabad to persuade Baba to return.

   The next Sunday, Baba took his 'new seat' in the newly completed Table House under the neem tree.

Part 29: The Combined Diary

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