Using Chalk and Slate Baba Conducts Interviews, Reveals Information and Gives Explanations on Divine Subjects.

The Combined Diary

He grinds grain by hand for two hours daily and stresses the importance of fresh food,
14th-16th July 1925,
folios 100-103.

   Baba continued the new routine of grinding grain by hand for two hours daily. He impressed upon the cooks of the 'Hindoo Kitchen' the importance of fresh food, and warned the mandali about taking any food from outside without His permission. Due to foot and leg injuries, soccer was eliminated from the sports activities.

   When a 'mad looking Mohammedan' showed up one evening with an infant Baba questioned him and then sent Rustom to 'Nagar to contact the baby's family. The 'procession of parents and relatives' followed Rustom to Meherabad where all witnessed the touching reunion of mother and child.

   Being the coincidence of two holy days, enormous crowds came for Baba's darshan on the 16th. He spent most of the morning giving personal interviews to them via the new medium of chalk and slate. During tea that afternoon, Baba revealed unknown information about Shivaji and his followers. That evening He gave 'very interesting explanations on divine subjects', and 'patiently but calmly continued taking recourse to signs and writing without uttering the slightest of sound, or giving up the unfinished points.'

Part 19: The Combined Diary

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