Sadguru and Majzoob vs. Ordinary Men

The Combined Diary

"Suppose the mind is a hand and the body is a spoon. The difference between a man and a Sadguru is this: Sadguru eats only with the 'spoon'. The man eats with both 'hands' and 'spoons' and thus spoils both,"
folios #2v370-2v373, 30-31 August, 1927.

    Baba conveyed: "Majzoobs enjoy the Paramanand state permanently that is experience Infinite Knowledge, Bliss and Powers for good. The same is the case with the Sadguru, who also experiences Infinite Knowledge, Bliss and Powers continuously but a Sadguru also returns to the world. His Superconsciousness undergoes no change. It remains the same as that of a Majzoob but the return means Gross-consciousness plus Superconsciousness. Suppose the mind is a hand and the body is a spoon. The difference between a man and a Sadguru is this: Sadguru eats only with the 'spoon". The man eats with both 'hands' and 'spoons' and thus spoils both; he can clean the 'spoon' but he cannot clean the 'hand'. For that he must go to a Sadguru...."

    A friend of Mr. Satha came for Baba's blessing for his brother who seemed to be under the spell of his wife's family. He was advised to bring his brother to Meherabad if possible; if not, then to use dhuni ash. A Zoroastrian asked for relief from injuries he had sustained to his hand and also blessings for his son. Baba replied, "There is God" and instructed him to take a little dhuni ash everyday after repeating "Yazdan" for 30 minutes.

    Baba played cricket with the Ashram boys. Around 6:30 PM he returned to Meherabad in Adi's car.

    Again Baba warned the watchmen to be very alert and ordered them to call out "All well" to each other every 15 minutes during the night, adding that "ten or twelve men are intending to raid Meherabad shortly."

    School closed in celebration of Ganesh Chathurthi. Baba and the mandali visited Valoobai in the afternoon to celebrate the holiday with a tea and bhajjya party during which she performed arti and puja ceremonies to Baba.

    On the way back to Meherabad, Baba allowed the Mahar Bhajan mandali (friends and relations of Shankarnath) to take his darshan in Ahmednagar. Baba conveyed, "If you people form yourself into a Society, and agree to help each other in social and moral upliftment as well as in certain rules, such as strictly avoiding intoxicants and animal food with a firm determination to abide by them, I will help you in every way including with money as I want to give you people a push for your advancement...." Deeply impressed, the party promised to do their best.

    Sailor's wife Najamai brought her son Dinshaw to join Baba's Ashram "of his own accord." He had enjoyed close contact with Sai Baba when he was a baby and often sang Meher Baba's praises at home. Baba granted Dinshaw immediate admission. He also advised Najamai regarding difficulties in her household. In the evening she returned to Pune.

    After a long absence a Hindoo boy named Baboo returned to Meherabad. Baba ordered that food and shelter be provided for him, conveying, "He is in the line. However it is but just the beginning and yet he is not conscious of his body and the surroundings normally .... see how difficult is this line...." When asked about anything, Baboo remained quiet unless the question were reiterated several times and then he answered in a mechanical way "as if offering some prayers." His blank eyes seemed not to recognize his surroundings.

Part 173: The Combined Diary

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