First announcement of his coming silence

The Combined Diary

Baba announces his intention to keep silence after June 15th; he attends a tea party invited by a six year old girl in Arangaon, 30th May to 5th June, 1925,
folios 72-76

   The schoolboys did well in their exams, and the routine of evening sports and cinema programs continued.

   During a visit to one of the teacher's home for tea, Baba revealed to those present, "At the unveiling of the mental curtain of anyone of any religion, the same one God is seen." On June 2nd Baba informed the mandali that He intended to begin observing silence on June 15th. One evening Baba had about fifteen of the fittest mandali massage His body for twenty minutes as vigourously as they could. As Baba remained unaffected and smiling, they were left exhausted and awestruck.

   Baba could not resist an invitation to a tea party in Arangaon offered by a six year old girl. Later that day He informed all that He would soon be keeping silence for a year, and that those remaining with Him until the end would be immensely benefited. After telling a parable of the sadhu and the stone, and reminding all to be dutiful, Baba went to Bombay for one week.

Part 14: The Combined Diary

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