Sorabji Desai pays respects to Narayan Maharaj

The Combined Diary

All including the boys celebrate Sarosh's marriage and the opening of the new home for Chhagan and his wife in a partitioned corner of the Post Office building,
folios #2v168-2v172, March 22-24, 1927.

    Mr. Sorabji Desai departed Meherabad with Chanji on his way to Kedgaon to pay respects to Narayan Maharaj. Baba occupied his seat at the dhuni nearly all day.

    In the morning Chanji returned and related the story of their visit to Narayan Maharaj's ashram. They arrived at 2:30 PM after a "jolting" two-hour ride in a bullock cart only to discover that Maharaj had retired until 5:30. They had already arranged to leave by bullock cart at 4 o'clock in order to reach the railway station in time to catch the 8 PM train to Poona. Missing that train would be disasterously inconvenient for them so they determined to leave at 4 PM even though they would thus forfeit meeting the Master.

    As they were about to depart at 4 o'clock, a devotee persuaded them that Maharaj would come out in half an hour. After half a hour another devotee convinced them that the Master would come out at any moment. At 5:30 he came and they took his darshan. He ordered tea for them and then took them to the temple. At 6:30 he allowed them to leave. Urging the cart driver to make time and calling out Maharaj's name, they arrived at 8:30 to find the train waiting. They scrambled into the nearest compartment; in their haste they lost the gift that Maharaj had given them.

    Baba again met with Messrs. Borkar and Satha to discuss the Ashram. In the afternoon all including the boys celebrated Sarosh's marriage and the opening of the new home for Chhagan and his wife in a partitioned corner of the Post Office building. Milk tea and gulab jamins were served along with dried fruits left over from the recent New Year celebration.

    On Thursday there were the usual visitors and bhajans. An arrogant and careless swami who had been allowed to stay in the "hut" much to the irritation of the mandali was sent on his way by Baba with a most gentle and mild "order of the boot."

Part 125: The Combined Diary

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